World Science Festival Brisbane 2024

World Science Festival Brisbane 2024

From the infinite expanse of space to Earth’s remarkable biodiversity, the boundless potential of human creativity to the depths of transformative technology, World Science Festival Brisbane is a tribute to the relentless spirit of scientific inquiry.

Proudly hosted by Queensland Museum, this year’s festival honoured our Thinkers and Dreamers – an ode to exploration and creativity. The festival captivated minds of all ages, offering a deep appreciation for the impact of science across diverse domains, including First Nations knowledge, the wonders of the natural world, and the cosmic wonders above.

Presented by Queensland Museum.
Recorded at QPAC’s Playhouse Theatre for Digital Stage.

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World Science Festival Brisbane 2024
  • Fossils! Queensland’s Quirkiest Creatures

    Explore the Queensland Museum’s extensive and priceless fossil collection to uncover some of Queensland’s most intriguing extinct creatures.

    Students will hear thrilling stories about the animals that once roamed our planet as well as see a fossil jacket prepared in real time. Queensland’s quirk...

  • The Invisible Universe

    Have you ever wondered what’s between the stars? What fills the dark patches of sky, the bits between the recognised? Is the emptiness really empty?

    The answer is no! We now know there’s black holes, dust, dark matter and even Earth-like planets hiding in the dark places. Join scientific experts...