Voices Shaping the Future – Conversation Series

Voices Shaping the Future – Conversation Series

Voices Shaping the Future – Conversation Series was filmed at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre in 2023, led by some of Australia’s leading social commentators including co-patron of WOW (Women of the World) Australia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner June Oscar AO, ABC’s Big Ideas Natasha Mitchell, and Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership Michelle Ryan.

The series was shaped by and included passionate young people from across Australia and the Asia Pacific on the most pressing gender-based issues facing their generation, including contributions from young changemakers such as Founder of Teach Us Consent Chanel Contos, Founder of the Grata Fund Isabelle Reinecke, Co-Founder of Deadly Indigenous Youth Doing Good Semara Jose, General Manager First Nations Football Courtney Fewquandie, and from Aotearoa/New Zealand Founders of She Is Not Your Rehab, Matt and Sarah Brown.

Presented by QPAC and WOW – Women of the World Australia
Recorded at QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre for Digital Stage.

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Voices Shaping the Future – Conversation Series
  • ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

    When we call out the inappropriate behaviours of boys and young men, we still hear the refrain ‘ah well, boys will be boys’ – in schools, in the workplace and at home. And with younger and younger boys being drawn to harmful social media influencers, this issue is becoming increasingly urgent.


  • The Changemakers, Taking the Lead

    Traditionally, we have thought of leaders as people in position of power and influence – statesmen, high professional achievers, business leaders, team captains.

    What we sometimes overlook is that there are leaders all around us in our everyday lives – people whose lives are an example of advoc...

  • Blow the Whistle

    With the FIFA World Cup behind us and the 2032 Brisbane Olympics on the horizon, let’s sit down for a conversation about gender equality in the sporting world as a lens for exploring gender inequities in Australia today with a panel of young sports stars and behind the scenes professionals.


  • The F-Word – Are We There Yet?

    Labels are a problem.

    They divide and confuse as much as they unite, and the term feminist is a great example. For some it’s out of date, for some they feel excluded by its focus, and for others that it’s too aggressive.

    But what have we learned from these discussions? What work do we still h...

  • WOW Big Ideas - Natasha Mitchell and ABC Radio National

    At some point we all have big ideas on how we would like to change what is wrong with the world, or how we might create a community organisation or business to meet the needs of ourselves and our friends. But how many of us get a chance to put those ideas into practice – what does it take, what s...