AAPPAC Conference 2023

AAPPAC Conference 2023

The Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC) 2023 conference focused on Global Megatrends – Shaping Culture to 2040, taking as its starting point the 2022 CSIRO report Our Future World which identifies seven global megatrends set to influence the world over the next two decades.

How will these megatrends intersect with arts and culture in the Asia-Pacific region?

Be part of this important conversation, recorded at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s (QPAC) Cremorne Theatre, with leading arts professionals, academics, scientists and health practitioners.

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AAPPAC Conference 2023
  • AAPPAC Session 2 | Geopolitical Shifts

    The power of culture, policy and diplomacy.

    As the world restitches the threads of global connectivity against a backdrop of changing geopolitical tensions and international relations, is the role of arts centres and national cultural policies shifting?

    Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay’s Chief E...

  • AAPPAC Session 3 | Increasingly Autonomous | Diving Into Digital

    The ethics and opportunities of artificial intelligence.

    The leap from science fiction to everyday life is gaining momentum and posing challenges around personal privacy, ethics, job redundancy, copyright and intellectual property. What are the implications for art makers, presenters and audienc...

  • AAPPAC Session 4 | Adapting to a Changing Climate | Leaner, Cleaner and Greener

    How art and arts centres reckon with the climate crisis.

    What can live performance do in the face of the defining issue of our time – the climate crisis? Great change needs more than policy and legislation, it requires a fundamental shift in our cultural narratives, making the role of performing...

  • AAPPAC Session 5 | Unlocking the Human Dimension

    Building communities of trust in the arts sector.

    Making and experiencing art is considered an inherently human endeavour, one that relies on collaboration and an aspiration to unlock meaning. Arts centres have a strong focus on engagement, communities and connection. In the current social and p...

  • AAPPAC Session 6 | The Escalating Health Imperative

    Arts interventions, community health and the wellbeing economy.

    As governments and communities battle rising costs of healthcare there is an increasingly strong case for a focus on preventative health and social factors including connection, belonging and participation. There is a well establish...

  • AAPPAC Conference | Wrap Up and Response

    Join Conference Rapporteur Jo Dyer for a summary of three days of conversation.